Drywall Installation

Drywall is a versatile material used to form walls, ceilings and decorative elements in the home, such as eaves or arches. It’s often used in commercial spaces as well, such as offices, to conceal beams and other architectural features that are better left unseen. 

The primary material used to make drywall is Gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral which can be found in massive beds of white or other coloured sands. There is a large amount of crystalline water in gypsum, which makes drywall an excellent fire retardant material in the. This is due to the high water content, which vaporizes when it reaches a boiling point, keeping it cool and protecting the structure behind it. 

If you live in a suburban or builder home, chances are you already have it. It is quick and easy for us to install, as well as versatile and durable.

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Drywall Repair

Drywall is easy and inexpensive to install, and to repair, too! For instance, if you have water damage or something else compromising the look or strength of the wall, we can restore it for you. We can replace the whole wall since it comes in large sheets, with little/no disruption to the rest of the room. If the problem area is small, we can simply cut it out, extract and easily replace it with a small piece. Again, this is done without disruption or compromising to the rest of the wall or area. If the drywall breaks in an accident, the process is the same. It’s easy to patch, plaster, sand and repaint. Repairing drywall is just as quick as it is easy, and Painters in Pickering are experts. Call us today to fix that whole or dent you’ve been putting off.

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