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Is it time to upgrade the colour of your bedroom or change the mood in your living room?  Call the best Painters in Oshawa and we can provide you with a free quote for your project.  Count on us to visit you and go over your project in detail, discussing the scope of work, type of paint, colour, and the schedule of when we will complete your project.  The result being you enjoying your new perfectly painted room.

We work with all kinds of situations, ceilings, walls, floors, internal and external painting and much more.  Inquire about our standard rates for rooms, which depending on size and difficulty.  We can get those hard to reach places, we can also take care of moving furniture out of the way for an extra cost.  Leave the messy hard work of painting to the best Painters in Oshawa.

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Types of Paint

If you have already purchased paint we can work with that, however if you are not sure we can go over the different qualities of paint and the best product to choose for your project.  As painters in Oshawa we are experience with the many different paint options available.  Choosing the proper product for your project is a vital step in the whole process.  As an example if you have a darkly painted room, and you want to covert it to a lighter room you will need to have a couple coats of primer to ensure your new colour shines through properly.  Without having the primer the darker colour could potentially darken the shade of your chosen colour and create unwanted results.  Let your expert painters in Oshawa take care of the job for your and do it right!

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