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As Painters in Pickering we are proud of our attention to detail and treat every home like it was our own.  We are making Pickering brighter one wall at a time. If you have a project that needs painting, you can count on us.  We are experienced in all types of painting jobs, such as interior, exterior, residential, commercial, drywall, trims, ceilings, garage doors, windows, doors, Frames, moldings and much more. Give us a call for your free quote, we will go over your project in detail and provide you with an official estimate. Once scheduled we will be there painting bright and early.

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Types of Paint

There are many kinds of paint to match the specific project.  As experienced painters in Pickering, we know the kinds of paint that are best for your job. Whether it is interior, exterior, or drywall we can go over the different styles and types available.  With the colour swatches that are available, we can find the best colour that suits your taste.  Sometimes colour can be a hard choice, which Is why we offer the sample panel.  For a small fee, we can paint a portion of the wall to see if you like the colour before proceeding.  The fee covers the cost of labour and small can of test paint.  Our customers are our most top priority which is why we offer this service. You can also check our past jobs, and if you like a certain colour we can source the same colour for your project.

Then the is colour finish, for example, there are choices like, glossy or matte.  Again depending on what you are painting, some choices or more suited for certain situations.

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